Odd Vision: Plus


What is Odd Vision?

Odd Vision is a web app that combines the power of superhuman vision and artificial intelligence to deliver actionable information, helping you improve the efficiency of your processes and your business.

We harness the power of strategically-located cameras to capture images autonomously in your place of interest and process these images in the cloud. In a matter of minutes, the collected data will be available in our web platform, which you can access from any device, anywhere. Our interface enables our users to seamlessly monitor hundreds of projects and thousands of services, with customized views allowing them to get all the information they need for more efficient decision-making.

That is Odd Vision: taking data from field directly to your screen. Through timelapse videos, visualizations, heat maps and various other tools, Odd Vision offers you a single source of truth for your current operations so that, with the power of information, you can design its future.

We understand that each organization is unique and that the same glove will not fit all sizes. We have developed four levels of service and we can help you choose what suits you best.


Enhance your Data

Capturing, measuring and analyzing data is just the beginning.

Plus means integrating more deeply with our clients in order to continuously help improve their operations. We host your data, create specific models for you and integrate with the systems and tools you use today, helping you obtain a significant competitive advantage. We automate the preparation of reports, the delivery of messages or other high-impact actions.

Compare your planning with reality through visualizations made specifically for you. Get notifications on your mobile device if some indicators drop below or exceed your desired thresholds. Harness the power of a centralized platform to make business decisions from your single source of truth.