Odd Vision: Measure


What is Odd Vision?

Odd Vision is a web app that combines the power of superhuman vision and artificial intelligence to deliver actionable information, helping you improve the efficiency of your processes and your business.

We harness the power of strategically-located cameras to capture images autonomously in your place of interest and process these images in the cloud. In a matter of minutes, the collected data will be available in our web platform, which you can access from any device, anywhere. Our interface enables our users to seamlessly monitor hundreds of projects and thousands of services, with customized views allowing them to get all the information they need for more efficient decision-making.

That is Odd Vision: taking data from field directly to your screen. Through timelapse videos, visualizations, heat maps and various other tools, Odd Vision offers you a single source of truth for your current operations so that, with the power of information, you can design its future.

We understand that each organization is unique and that the same glove will not fit all sizes. We have developed four levels of service and we can help you choose what suits you best.

It’s Use

Measure to Improve

You can only improve what you can measure, and measuring analog processes is quite hard. Thanks to computer vision, Measure allows images to be converted into data seamlessly. We help you monitor the pulse of your processes delivering key indicators by detecting objects in the field.

On our platform you will find indicators for the number of workers in a site or different types of vehicles in areas of interest, displaying the collected data in graphs and heatmaps to better understand the occupancy trends.

Furthermore, we have developed models to detect the correct use of masks and compliance with social distancing, facilitating the control of best practices that guarantee the well-being of your partners and the continuity of your operation.

Our Statement

Ethical Use of Data

The ethical use of data is a key element within Odd’s values. All of the actions mentioned above are done in compliance with the laws protecting privacy and work environments, not using any type of biometric tool to individualize people and using a maximum security encryption from the image capture to the display of information.