Odd Vision

Capture. Measure. Analyse. The convenience of a hyperconnected camera with Artificial Intelligence.

  • Remote process monitoring
  • Automatic and real-time data collection
  • Agile decision making


Track your processes through cameras, strategically located in your places of interest. Images are processed and stored in a secure system to condense days or weeks of processes in timelapse videos.

Monitor hundreds of simultaneous projects and supervise in real time like never before. Remoteness and poor weather will no longer hold you back.


What is not measured cannot be improved. Our Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence tools detect the presence of people, vehicles, work crews and PPE, transforming images into structured data that will help you optimize bottlenecks, strengthen the security of your processes and make timely decisions.

Monitor and visualize information through graphics and heat maps on our platform from any device, anywhere in the world.


Each organization is unique. Our specialists will work with you to identify your specific requirements and to provide indicators that shed light upon your processes.

Maximize the value of your data by delimiting virtual areas in each image for even more accurate information. Give us questions, we will give you answers.



Better data is just the first step. More tools will bring more impact.

Dashboards and Reports
Get actionable information distributed and customized for different roles.

Trigger the automatic creation of documents, messages or actions using your own rules.

Import and export data from Primavera, project, Autodesk BIM, ProCore, Excel and more.

Ethical Treatment of Data

The use of AI-powered cameras as sensors to generate data, must always follow an ethical and responsible treatment of data. Since the introduction of GDPR in May 2018, we have a regulatory framework that improves protection of personal data, which is good news for us all. We always respect the right to privacy while harnessing the value of artificial intelligence for the wellbeing of workers.


“Odd Vision has been tremendously helpful and allowed to link accouting information with operation data that we did not know before. This saved us up to 49% in operational costs.”

Nicolás Saporiti, CEO, Agrominera