Industries: Smart Cities


Artificial Intelligence For Your Industry

In an era that demands we accelerate our production processes, the transformation towards data-oriented organizations is a key step to better guide the efforts of your partners and the investment of your resources.

Each industry is unique and deserves its own dedicated treatment. At Odd, we have developed solutions for the unique challenges of various sectors, with the aim of obtaining and displaying data that allows you to make better decisions with better information.


Analyze Trends

One of the most powerful possibilities that artificial intelligence has brought is facing urban challenges from a practical and informed perspective, with the ability to benefit thousands or millions of people.

We use strategically placed cameras to analyze pedestrian traffic and vehicle flow by type, contributing to smart urban design and the execution of logistic operations at optimal times, with data based on superhuman analyses of reality.


Crowd And Traffic Insights

Analyze trends and behavioral patterns to understand the dynamics of the environment, make business decisions and get the highest ROI.

Following a strict code of ethics, examine the flows of vehicles and crowds in compliance with privacy protection laws, with no biometric tools that would allow people to be individualized. Odd uses maximum security encryption from data capture to data display, ensuring that no-one can intercept them.