Industries: Logistics


Artificial Intelligence That Fits Your Industry

In an era that demands we accelerate our production processes, the transformation towards data-oriented organizations is a key step to better guide the efforts of your partners and the investment of your resources.

Each industry is unique and deserves its own dedicated treatment. At Odd, we have developed solutions for the unique challenges of various sectors, with the aim of obtaining and displaying data that allows you to make better decisions with better information.


Increase Efficiency

In an industry where optimization of flows is key to increase efficiency and reduce costs, artificial intelligence offers unique possibilities for decision-making that take logistics organizations to the next level.

Our smart algorithms analyze images of your site to give you detailed, accurate and disaggregated information on truck and ship flows, as well as the occupancy times of your storage areas. Visualize through heat maps where are the bottlenecks that affect the efficient management of your assets.


Data For Security And Planning

Verify whether your partners are using their personal protective equipment (PPE) in the areas that require it and that people and vehicles do not enter restricted areas.

Document the historical behavior of your processes and keep this information for life, so you can compare, analyze and plan for the future with a new level of precision.