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Artificial Intelligence That Fits Your Industry

In an era that demands we accelerate our production processes, the transformation towards data-oriented organizations is a key step to better guide the efforts of your partners and the investment of your resources.

Each industry is unique and deserves its own dedicated treatment. At Odd, we have developed solutions for the unique challenges of various sectors, with the aim of obtaining and displaying data that allows you to make better decisions with better information.


Keep Track Of Your Processes

Within a factory, one second of optimization or one second of delay can define the results of a full week or month of work. With such high stakes, computer vision offers superhuman information and tools to improve in areas that no-one had imagined before.


Analyze Productivity Levels

Our automatic image analysis helps you analyze productivity levels by work area through customized visualizations on our web platform, quickly comparing shift productivity (man-hours) to discover opportunities for improvement at critical points in your operation.

Computer vision analysis also helps you detect if your partners use the personal protection elements (PPE) necessary to carry out their tasks safely, such as face masks, helmets, and high-visibility vests. Get notifications and data that help ensure the safety of your operation and avoid industrial accidents.