Industries: Construction


Artificial Intelligence That Fits Your Industry

In an era that demands we accelerate our production processes, the transformation towards data-oriented organizations is a key step to better guide the efforts of your partners and the investment of your resources.

Each industry is unique and deserves its own dedicated treatment. At Odd, we have developed solutions for the unique challenges of various sectors, with the aim of obtaining and displaying data that allows you to make better decisions with better information.


Monitor in real time

In a traditionally analog industry, Odd Vision has helped dozens of clients reduce their delays up to 45% and execute projects within their budgets.

Computer vision improves the compliance of good practices, identifying the number of workers by area and by crew, man-hours by selected periods, detecting the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the areas that require it and analyzing trucks movement.


Improve Your Productivity

If your organization runs several projects simultaneously, our web platform allows you to monitor all of them in real time from any screen, giving you back those valuable hours that you would have spend traveling between hundreds of control points.

The use of objective and actionable data, easily accessible through custom dashboards, has proven extremely useful in auditing employee compliance, eliminating bottlenecks, and optimizing workflows.