We help analogous industries transform visual evidence into actionable data.

We add value to several sectors, supporting the decision-making of construction, management and innovation professionals.



Complex works, delayed planning, resource optimization, coordination with suppliers, remote sites and poor weather conditions are just some of the challenges that this sector must face. Learn about our technological solutions and get ready to overcome them.


Odd’s Computer Vision improves the management of the logistic process with all its variables. Get reports of trucks, ships, storage areas and more. Improve the efficiency of your asset management.


Within every industrial plant there are countless processes that could be improved if the right people had the right data. Analyze productivity by work area, compare productivity per shift and discover inefficiencies at the critical points of your operation to better manage your staff and resources.

Smart Cities

The challenges of a city in an ongoing state of transformation can be addressed using Computer Vision tools.

Analyze the flow of different types of vehicles, people, and crowds; examine trends and behavior patterns to understand the dynamics of the environment, improve your mitigation strategies, maximize your ROI and make smart business decisions.


“Odd Vision helps us monitor the progress and staffing levels of our construction projects, providing us with tools to set a standard for our company’s future projects.”

Head of Project Management, Energy Company