We deliver answers to your questions that help make your operation more productive, safer and sustainable.

We create computer vision platforms to transform offline processes into online data using artificial intelligence.

Better decisions
with better information.

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Sustainable construction through artificial intelligence

The world’s second most used substance after water is concrete. Through our devices and algorithms, we help our clients monitor the constructive process, making them and the industry more efficient and sustainable.

Odd in Data









What we do


We obtain data on-site, decipher its value using artificial intelligence, to deliver actionable information.

Odd Vision

In order to become a data-driven organization, you need data you can trust. Odd Vision generates data by observing analog processes.

When you don’t have data and need to create it. Machine vision to turn pixels into structured data. Insight from images.

Odd Data Repo

Odd Data Repo is our solution where your data, our data and external open data are aggregated and deciphered to answer your questions.

When you have data, but need information, knowledge, intelligence and wisdom to generate impact.


With Odd Vision, in only two months, Real Assets reduced its average time per floor by 45%

Carlos Tapia, Project Manager, Real Assets

How we work

Industries and

We help the least digitized industries become data-oriented organizations.

– Engineering & Construction
– Natural Resources
– Mining
– Transport & Logistics
– Smart Cities

Working together


We believe cooperation is the only way of achieving our goals.

October 15th, 2019

Digital Construction Week London

Odd was invited to participate of Digital Construction Week, Europe’s largest event on the digitization of the construction industry and where Leo Prieto, Odd’s CEO, shared our computer vision platform, Odd Vision.

October 11th, 2019

Odd is selected for Google Launchpad Latin America

Odd is the only Chilean startup to be selected and will work with Google in Mexico, Buenos Aires and Miami on how to scale its efforts to digitize the analog world.

October 6th, 2019

Odd at Edifica 2019

Odd participated at Edifica 2019 in Santiago, where we shared how we are helping the construction industry become safer, smarter and more sustainable.