Odd Industries introduces Lemu: an atlas of the biosphere

Lemu Says Hello

Odd Industries announced Lemu, an atlas of the biosphere to help understand the value of Earth’s biomes and support the restoration of our ecosystems.

FRUTILLAR, CHILE – Odd Industries, an ethically-driven industrial artificial intelligence (IAI) pioneer, today announced Lemu, a platform that uses the most advanced technologies at our disposal to help bring nature online. Available worldwide in late 2021, Lemu is an atlas of the biosphere that makes it possible to transform ecosystem conservation and restoration into the best investment for everyone on Earth.

“We’re excited to finally be sharing with you what we have been working on for a long time, obtaining data from space to soil, and delivering that online for everyone to use through Lemu,” said Leo Prieto, CEO, Odd Industries. “Lemu means forest in mapudungun, but for us the idea comes from lemünantü, a succinct word that only exists in this ancient language, describing the fragments of light that shine through the forest canopy. This is exactly how our technology works: we use light — from visible, hyperspectral or even LiDAR sources — to see through the forest canopy in a non-invasive way, and turn those pixels into information.”

“But artificial vision powered by lemünantü is just one of the countless data sources that are analyzed in order to calculate LemuRank. We are doing this at a global scale, and if we want to be successful, we need everyone,” Prieto added. “This is why we are building a global ecosystem of collaborators and partners that share the ultimate goal of improving quality of life for the largest number of species on Earth.”

An Atlas of the Biosphere

Lemu is an atlas of the biosphere, a collection of geospatial data sources on nature, including satellite data, third-party open data, and crowdsourced data to identify, measure, and understand the value that biomes generate each and every day. Lemu calls that value LemuRank, and they’re calculating it for almost 30 billion ecosystems, all of which can be verified on the blockchain.

A biome might be a desert, wetland, even a city. But they’re starting with the world’s forest biomes: an infinitely rich store of natural capital. Forests store carbon, supply medicines, support biodiversity, and sustain mental health. The return on investment is immense – but not immeasurable.

Invest in the future of Earth

LemuRank enables Lemu to become an ecosystem where investors who want to support conservation can connect with stewards who turn the investment into regeneration — with a measurable impact for everyone.

Lemu is working with leading stewards of nature all around the world, from national park services to private conservation land trusts and NGOs, using remote and local sensing to measure the natural capital value of those ecosystems. To help those looking for financial support in their long-term conservation efforts, Lemu allows them to share these opportunities with investors who can adopt these ecosystems for multiple years at a time and follow the progress and impact of their investment. 

All of these transactions are registered on the blockchain, allowing for anonymous and transparent verification.


Lemu will open worldwide in late 2021 to early invitation holders who can sign up on the waiting list starting today. More information about Lemu at https://le.mu

About Odd Industries

Odd Industries is an ethically-driven industrial AI startup founded in 2018 and distributed in 9 cities on 3 continents with the goal of improving our world by bringing nature online.