Committed to Earth Day with Climate Neutral and 1% for the Planet


Odd was born with the intention of using advanced technology to understand our world and help reduce our negative impact. Although we have always been committed to Earth, we have made the decision to formalize that commitment.

We love to give good news, that is why today April 22nd on Earth Day, we announce two major certification commitments granted by Climate Neutral and 1% for the Planet 🌳💚. Our main objective is to give ecosystems the value they deserve, which is why our commitment with both organizations will mean an important starting point for future collaborations.

Climate Neutral

Climate Neutral is a non-profit organization that works supporting brands to reduce global carbon emissions through an optimized and reliable certification process that allows them to measure, offset and reduce efficiently.

The Certification granted by Climate Neutral means for companies a real validation on the compensation of all their greenhouse gas emissions, prioritizing the reduction of emissions as a central issue in all their production processes. The objective of our commitment is to make this certification process public and begin holding ourselves accountable for our past and future emissions in all of our operations.

1% for the Planet

1% for the planet is an international organization with more than 2,000 members in 60 countries who donate at least 1% of their annual sales to environmental projects. Its purpose is to build and support an alliance between companies financially committed to creating a healthy planet and non-profit organizations that protect the different ecosystems of our planet.

The 1% certification process will unite us with non-profit companies that make a difference in sustainable matters and dedicate their efforts to help the Earth, allocating 1% of our total annual sales to support their projects.

On this special date, with the opportunity to raise awareness about the problems facing the Earth and the forms of life who develop on it, we share our joy in announcing these commitments, making visible our efforts to promote and conserve ecosystems as a source of life and sustenance for all species.