Pioneering the use of 5G in Latin America with Odd Vision


We are delighted to announce that Odd Industries will be one of the first startups in the world to roll out 5G mobile technology in a productive environment (months or even years before the rest of the world), after being selected in an initiative promoted by WOM and Startup Chile.

Within the next 45 days, our Odd Vision 2.0 service (launched less than a month ago) will be operating on 5G networks for the Territoria MUT project in Santiago, which will allow us to increase the temporal resolution of our data by three or four times. This enhanced data resolution expands our analysis power and the findings that we can draw from it, helping to further improve and optimize the understanding and impact of the project and its environment.

“Entrepreneurship is the economic engine of the country, so promoting innovation and deployment of new and better technologies is a fundamental task for us, now more than ever,” said Cristopher Laska, CEO of WOM. “We are confident that with the advice of the expert team and the implementation of 5G, we will kickstart new solutions and services that create a better future for everyone.”

By using technologies that are on the frontiers of knowledge, at Odd we are constantly pushing current tools to the limit of their capabilities. 5G will have a dramatic impact in a world where data helps us create a safer, more sustainable and efficient future. Upcoming phases promise latencies as low as 1 millisecond and 1 Gbps bandwidths, virtually eliminating the bottleneck to the cloud and allowing to perform in the cloud time-critical processes that today could only be done locally.

At Odd we are very excited about the possibilities that 5G will bring, helping to accelerate more sustainable, safe and efficient industries and cities, always under a strict ethical treatment of personal data, avoiding biometric detections and the biases and risks that come with it.