Odd Vision 2.0: Artificial Intelligence optimized for the current scenario


Odd Industries, a Chilean start-up specialized in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, launched today Odd Vision 2.0, a web platform that allows images to be captured from sites of interest, processes them to obtain data autonomously, and displays them as actionable information in dashboards, reports, charts and heat maps. Odd Vision offers a single source of truth to monitor projects and manage resources, helping its users to become data-driven organizations.

“Today more than ever, the control of best practices that guarantee the well-being of your partners and the continuity of your operation is a top priority,” explains Leo Prieto, founder and CEO of Odd Industries. “Our technology is of great help for these processes, allowing us to detect the correct use of masks, to audit compliance with capacity in defined areas (with 95% accuracy) and even to detect body temperature (with +/- 0.3 °C accuracy), respecting the ethical treatment of data and without performing any type of biometric detection that violates privacy.”

This platform has already been successfully adopted by companies from various industries, contributing in construction, logistics, factories and the design of smart cities. Odd Vision’s features include:

  • Detecting the number of workers on a site by zone, at any time of the day, breaking down this information down by crew through the detection of the colors of their helmets.
  • Quantifying the number of vehicles per type, identifying vehicles by registration plate using a mechanism that allows a non-stop flow.
  • Detecting whether people entering dangerous areas do so using the required personal protection elements (PPE), generating compliance reports and even real-time alerts.
  • Visualizing work site, factory or city areas through heat maps to optimize flows, eliminate bottlenecks or take advantage of established behaviors.
  • Averting the time and effort wasted on transfer to supervise hundreds of control points, and auditing in a few minutes the correct execution of prior plans.
  • Documenting the historical behavior of processes, archiving it for life in order to be able to more accurately analyze, plan and predict future behavior.
  • Securely downloading and sharing CSV data or images and videos, as to process them with other tools or collaborate with different partners.

The new web platform is compatible with mobile and desktop devices and offers easy and intuitive access to dashboards, visualizations and reports, allowing you to monitor hundreds of projects simultaneously.

Since the launch of the 1.0 version in August 2019, Odd Vision has processed over 14 million images and transmitted nearly 7 terabytes of information, tripling the accuracy of its crowd detection and improving heavy vehicle detection by 1000%. Its alliance with Google has also allowed it to accelerate the automatic generation of almost 2 billion data for its customers.

About Odd Industries

Odd Industries (https://odd.co) began operating in 2018 under the premise “better decisions with better information”. Today, it is the leading Latin American start-up in Computer Vision technologies applied to industrial environments, working with some of the largest companies on the region and having been selected to participate in Google for Startups Accelerator LatAm 2019. Odd’s cosmopolitan team of 21 people is passionate about data and developing tools to obtain, decipher and distribute valuable information that improves industrial processes.