Agrominera reduces its operating costs by 49% deploying Odd Vision


Agrominera is a company focused on the production, distribution and marketing of industrial coals, with five plants between Chile and Argentina.

Their achievements of reducing material consumption and costs were supported by digital solutions that allowed them to analyze unstructured data and apply improvements to their production processes.

The success of these new practices lies in their ability to meet on-field needs quickly and accurately. Their challenge for 2020 is to maintain these results, reduce the permanence of material in their collection plants, eliminate material by blasting and develop stock-tracking systems with online visualization.

The project developed with Odd Industries began in mid-2019, aiming to optimize production times, space management, machinery, logistics, and raw material monitoring. The aim was to be able to control product loading and dispatch times for trucks and their arrival flow, as well as to control the use of machinery and their material inventory, and to collect environmental data that could impact them.

The analysis of the data generated throughout the project has revealed information and provided guidelines to design various solutions to operational processes. Not only have their operating costs been reduced, but sales revenue has also increased by 50% as a result of this enhanced efficiency.

These improvements are related to the adequate conditioning of materials according to their requirements, reducing energy costs associated with oil and gas by 46% and 49% respectively, in addition to monitoring the proper use of chargers and machinery on site. At the same time, new methodologies for crews were put into place, achieving more efficient production practices.

As a consequence, this also allowed them to propose new business and value proposals to their clients, offering new packing to decrease fuel consumption and improve the carbon footprint associated with the acquisition of their products.

“Odd Vision has helped us a lot and allowed us to link accounting information with operational data that we did not know, saving up to 49% in operational costs.”
Nicolás Saporiti, CEO

The use of this type of monitoring results in another management analysis tool, providing objective information to everyone involved in the process. This gives great traceability to the daily progress of production, allowing for more efficient processes.

At Odd Industries we celebrate these results, as they clearly illustrate the latent compatibility between digitization processes and productive industries. At the same time, they strengthen our commitment to the urgent need to advance technological implementation and digital transformation in the world.