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Odd helps you make data-driven decisions.

Hello, we are Odd Industries. 👋

A highly-experienced, highly-odd group of odd people in the digital data domain.

We help you obtain data, decipher it’s value and distribute that to anyone who needs actionable information.

We hail from different backgrounds and journeys, but our small team totals more than 100 years of combined experience working with digital data, machine vision and artificial intelligence.

Fact is, we love data. It was love at first sight.

You have to love data to know that not all data is created equal.

Bad data just gives you a precise answer for the wrong question, when an approximate answer for the right question is far better.

Unstructured data is where the richest data lives and where our history with machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing allows us to extract insight you never thought possible.

We have dozens of industrial and infrastructure customers using our Visual Progress line of machine vision data capture with object detection and tracking.

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